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Norsk Hydro CEO eyes Brazil plant restart in 'weeks or months'

Jan. 10,2019 - It is reported that Norwegian aluminium-maker Norsk Hydro aims toresume full production at its Alunorte alumina

plant in Brazil within weeks ormonths, although the process still remains uncertain. Chief Executive SveinRichard Brandtzaeg told Reuters. “We are talking about weeks or months beforewe go back to full operations. The recent election campaign in Brazil haddelayed the process. Despite the progress, there was still a lot ofuncertainty.

Now that a new president is in place, as well as a governor forthe state of Para where the plant is located, things are falling into

place andthe decision process will be somewhat faster.”
The plant, which processes the raw material used for aluminium production, isoperating at half capacity after early last year

admitting it had madeunlicensed emissions of untreated water.
Alunorte is the world’s largest alumina refinery, with output large enough tosustain annual aluminium production of more than 3 million tonnes.