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Plibrico starts refractory distribution deal with Pli Group Europe

Jan. 11,2019 - The Plibrico Company and the Pli Group EuropeGmbH have partnered to supply monolithic refractory materials andservicesin Europe. This collaboration between manufacturer and distributor allows morethan ten European countries access to

Plibrico made refractory materials andservices.

“Adding PliGroup Europe GmbH to our ranks of PliPartners allows Plibrico to reinforce itsexpertise, enhance its service offering and strengthen the value chain offeredto customers throughout Europe,” said Brad Taylor, president and CEO of thePlibrico Company. “Pli Group Europe GmbH has over four decades of experienceand has assembled a first-class team that is committed to

delivering greatservice to its customers. We look forward to working together to deliverquality refractory materials and services to

Europe’s key Industrial Markets.”

Under thenew alliance, Pli Group will provide full-service distribution ofPlibrico’s Plico® brand refractories in Austria,

France, Germany, Switzerland,Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, andBulgaria, effective immediately. Pli Group has a local presence in Europe,which will garner Plibrico the growth needed to expand it’s market.

Pli Group iscurrently experiencing strong momentum as a result of continued investment inthe region. Its recently opened office in Vienna, Austria, will serve as itshub for Central Europe, and strengthen ties with local customers. The companywill continue recruiting additional technical representatives to accelerategrowth and further enhance its engineering, installation and maintenance


“We werelooking for a refractory supplier with a strong, long-standing reputation forexcellence and innovation,

a broad product portfolio across industries, and aproven track record of supporting its distribution network,” said OlegBobrov, president of Pli Group Europe GmbH. “Plibrico fit our criteria in everyrespect. Our team is excited by the opportunity to work with

Plibrico toprovide a broad range of superior products to our European customers.”