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Silica Based Nozzle Filling Sand

Silica Based Nozzle Filling Sand

SAT-NFC(Nozzle-XS) (Silica Based): SiO2 (%) : 94; Max Service Temp (oC) : 1650; Grain Size (mm) : 0-1.2

Stuffing sand is firstly put into the ladle before molten steel is poured. When the slide plate located at the nozzle is withdrawn, the stuffing sand will flow out with the flowing molten steel and natural casting is realized. Practice shows that if ladle casting cannot be realized naturally but depends on oxygen consuming, continuous casting heats and production efficiency will be seriously affected. Meanwhile frequent oxygen consumption will reduce the service life of ladle and create a lot of inclusions which influence the steel quality greatly.After dozens of years’ researches, we have developed series of products such as silicon stuffing sand, forsterite stuffing sand, high aluminum stuffing sand and chrome stuffing sand.