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Refractory Castables

Refractory Castables

Type of Castable:
  1. Tabular Alumina
  2. Tabular Alumina and Spinel
  3. Alumina and Chromic Oxide
  4. Alumina and chromic oxide, Steel fiber
Application of LINQUAN Castable:
  1. Casting EAF Roof, Seating Block etc
  2. Ladle Lining, Ladle Impact Plate etc
  3. Filling Around of Seating Block etc
Features of LINQUAN Castable:
1.High mechanical strength,
2.Good thermal shock resistance,
3.Good toughness and anti-stripping,
4.High refractoriness,
5.Tiny linear variation, no cracking,
6.Resistant to scour and erosion,

7.Good volume stability under high temperature.

Specification Data: